Updating Your Website

The benefits of a content updating service

Updating Your Website

When resources are tight, there is an understandable resistance to paying extra to have your website content updated but consider the value that this small investment brings.

More Staff Time
With so many priorities in Primary Care, £25 per month is a small price to pay to take a job off your staff’s list, freeing them up to concentrate on more important tasks.

Design Expertise
By subscribing to the Help2Change content updating service you get to take advantage of our design expertise and achieve a consistent, modern look to your PCN website.

More Traffic
We find that those PCNs who subscribe to our content updating service end up with greater levels of website traffic, as their sites stay more up to date. It is far easier for a member of PCN staff to forward the support team an email asking them to put on some content, that carve out 1 hour of their day to put the content on themselves. Other pressures get in the way and inevitably the website can become out of date.

Scheduling Updates
We are happy to schedule in updates, this could be weekly updates of COVID-19 vaccination clinics, or some content for mental health week etc. Talk to our support team about the content you would like scheduling and you can rest easy knowing this will be added to your site in a timely manner, without you having to worry about it.

Removal of Content
We can schedule to remove any out-of-date content from your site e.g., a public consultation, training events, job adverts etc., so again you can rest easy knowing these will be removed from your site in a timely manner.

Self-Care Guide Updates
Self-care topics are reviewed annually to ensure they are based on current NHS guidance. This is included within the content updating service fee, so you don’t need to be concerned about finding the time to review this.

COVID-19 Guidance
This is regularly updated for those PCN websites who subscribe to the content updating service. This along with all the other regular updates and removal of out-of-date content will help ensure CQC compliance.

Website Analytics
We can provide scheduled website analytics for your site on a monthly/quarterly/6 monthly basis, the cost of which is included within the content updating service.

No Limits
Unlike most content updating services provided by other organisations, we place no limits on the number of content updates you can send through for your site. We want to drive the usage of these sites and feel this is the best way to achieve this.

Efficient service
We aim to have all content updates on your site within one working day of receiving the request, helping to keep your patients and stakeholders up to date and engaged.

We want your PCN website to be a valuable resource that can reduce workload for GP Practices and help drive improvements in population health. This is our primary aim, as a Community Interest Company. We feel that our content updating service helps PCNs to achieve this and currently about half of our clients subscribe to this service.

If you would like a discussion about adding the Content Updating Service to your website cloud hosting, please do not hesitate to get in touch. The service can be added at any time.

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